Security & Surveillance

Security is one of the prime concerns of any human being and a city’s development is dependent on the well-being of its inhabitants. Security & surveillance play a key role in ensuring the prosperity of citizens. The various sub-areas of security & surveillance include (but not limited to) home security, medical emergency, accident & first fast SOS, city transport, security of women & children, tourist support, etc.

Tentative Problem Statements:

  • City Park Project
  • Environmental Stress Warning System
  • Viewpoint
  • Falcon Event Detection
  • Roaming Pollution Monitors
  • Saving Energy Costs
  • Clean City
  • Structural Alerts
  • Gas House Security
  • Accident Alert
  • Stay in Your Lane
  • Sharing Information

Venue & Location

Sharda University

Plot No. 32-34, Knowledge Park III

Greater Noida, UP, 201310

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