Waste Managment

Modern societies generate a large amount of waste, directly or indirectly, to fulfill its various needs. These include municipal waste, e-waste, construction waste, and packaging waste, etc. Unfortunately, most of this waste is not properly managed to lead to environmental, health and aesthetic issues. Such wastes are a burden to the city’s economy and well being. Appropriate management and disposal, including energy generation, volume minimization, incorporation into useful products can be viable and environment-friendly option.

Tentative Problem statement:

  • Waste minimization and reuse
  • Improvised and effective plastic waste management at social gatherings
  • Alternatives & management of small plastic packaging in daily consumables like sauce, shampoo etc.
  • E-waste management
  • Agro-waste management
  • Municipal waste management

Venue & Location

Sharda University

Plot No. 32-34, Knowledge Park III

Greater Noida, UP, 201310


  • Waste Management
  • Security And Surveillance
  • Smart Transportation
  • Energy Efficiency & Green Energy

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